Luis Perez – Consultant Profile

Luis is an Organizational Change Manager passionate about understanding people and organizations. He has cross-industry experience and a diverse skill set, focusing on using human-centered design to support change adoption and help organizations build for the future. 

He is currently working with Slalom providing support and guidance to CCDPH Covid-19 pediatric initiative, requiring oversight and implementation support. He has provided CCDPH with assistance in tracking pediatric vaccine rates and collaborated with Slalom to accelerate decisions by using data from multiple disparate systems and utilizing efficient technologies to meet the goals of the vaccine program. He has also developed creative solutions to educate and communicate with the overall population about getting vaccinated and increase interests across all demographics. 

What is your current role at William Everett, and how did you get here? What has happened in your life/career that has led you to this moment? 

I currently work as OCM; however, I have been working with the community engagement team for the past four months. Although I was a little hesitant at the beginning of this project, I truly enjoyed working with such a fantastic group of professionals. 

Before William Everett, I was a change manager for a multinational electrical distribution and services company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I provided change management across critical initiatives needing immediate support, including ERP implementations, and supported the initial phases of the company’s Agile transformation. While it was an incredibly good experience, and a corporate job can be a great first step to an entrepreneurial journey, I soon realized I would like to work somewhere with an appreciation for human capital. So, the William Everett opportunity was the perfect fit to continue to equip me with the knowledge to help build better organizations. 

Imagine you are describing your job to a 5-year-old. What would you say?  

I would describe it as a Disney Park; there is a lot to do, so you must plan and prioritize to get the most out of it. Some rides are more challenging than others; some give you joy, and some give you a little anxiety, but they are all fun in the end. While waiting in line, make it friendly and help others when possible so you can make a positive impact whenever you can. 

If you could see into the future, what would ten years from now look like for you? 

I see myself with my own consulting firm. I attended the William Everett rebranding launch on my first week of starting this job. Hearing how William Everett was forged reminds me that big things happen when you keep going and believe in your vision.  

What do you find most challenging about your work as a consultant?  

Navigating some of the challenges of the public sector can be challenging itself but I still enjoy it. 

What do you find most rewarding about your work as a consultant?  

The most rewarding part is to see the project succeed and leading our stakeholders to understand why what we do is important. 

Tell us about your life outside of work. What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

I’m an explorer; I enjoy exploring different cultures, food, and countries. I have traveled to 27 countries. My favorite country is Indonesia. The food is incredible, and everyone is very kind, the beaches are stunning, and the scenery, waterfalls, and volcanoes are fascinating. I never have an agenda when I travel, which has led me to some fun, unexpected adventures. The picture on the right, is a hike I did in Huayna Potosi in Bolivia. I booked it a day before, on New Year’s Eve, as it was the only tour available. With all the hurry, I didn’t realize we were going for a 19,973 ft hike. That’s higher than the Mount Everest base camp! It involved a lot of trekking and acclimating, and although I wasn’t mentally or physically ready for such a journey, I was able to pull through, and so far, has been the best spontaneous adventure I have had.  

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